Myśl Ekonomiczna i Polityczna (Economic and Political Thought)

ISSN 2081-5913, online ISSN 2545-0964

A quarterly of the Faculty of Economics and Management of Lazarski University.

Economic and Political Thought quarterly has been published since 1 January 2010 and is a continuation of the academic journal entitled "Economic and Legal Thought", which was published from 2003 until the end of 2009. In some sense, its origin and evolution reflect the history of Lazarski University, one of the oldest and leading independent universities in Poland.

Quarterly was included in the indexing base ERIH PLUS (European Reference Index for the Humanities and the Social Sciences) The purpose of ERIH PLUS is to increase the global visibility of research in the area of humanities and social sciences across Europe and simplify access to academic journals published in all European languages.

With the development of the University and opening of new fields of studies, such as economics, finance, law, administration, management, marketing and international relations, a new idea was born and resulted in two academic journals: "Ius Novum" quarterly of the Faculty of Law and Administration and "Economic and Legal Thought" quarterly of the Faculty of Economics and Management. As a result, we are dealing with a specific change and continuation as far as the title and contents of the journal are concerned.

Formerly, it was a forum for economists and lawyers. Now, it is a journal for economists, political science and international relations specialists, lawyers and representatives of other humanities and social sciences. As a result, it is now an interdisciplinary nature and serves as a means to publicise the results of research conducted at Lazarski University and to enrich academic discussions on contemporary, complex, both theoretical and practical economic, social and political issues determined by omnipresent globalisation.

We publish original and interesting scientific articles devoted to important and current issues within the broad field of economics, international economic and financial relations as well as political studies and international relations. They are both discussions and studies of big theoretical and practical importance. At the same time, our mission is to support the teaching process and to improve the quality of education at Lazarski University.

"Economic and Political Thought" serves to confront the theory with practice, to exchange opinions by scholars, experts, teachers and practitioners: managers, financiers, businessmen and politicians. It is dedicated to a wide range of readers: researchers and experts, politicians, and doctoral as well as all the other students.

The Editorial Board and the Programme Committee decided to achieve other ambitious goals as well. They include a high academic level of the quarterly and the resulting position of a scored journal. We managed to do that in 2012 when the Ministry of Science and Higher Education decided to award articles published in "Economic and Political Thought" four (currently 13) points. Quarterly was included in the indexing database ERIH PLUS in 2018.